How to Stop Cyber bullying via iPhone Spy Software

It will be an astonishing thing that the cyber bullying busted up during the last few years.

It is expected that the number of affected cyber bulling risen up from 10 to 90 percent in the last year. This is an awful dilemma that more than 50 percent girls are used to hanging themselves and threatened by someone, having their abusive and naked pics from which they are supposed to black male with, they are threatened by the pics and SMS sent to their phones from the unknown persons.

This Is a Serious Dilemma, the Parents Must Think About

Continuously being abused for just 24 hours can be harmful for your children and their future as well. Like the typical bullying can sneak your kids all through the way where ever they go to events, parties or friend’s home, they are threatened with harsh words which can force them to commit a suicide. That is the main reason why teen suicides are getting increased day by day and this practice cannot be overwhelmed at all for them.

How Can You Spot Cyber Bullying

Around 80 percent kids have a mobile phone just for sake to keep in touch with their parents, in order to inform them about their wellness and their places and activities with their friends, the experts advice parents that they have to take some precautionary measures to stop the cyber bullying attacks. It is quite difficult to have a check on kids but can easily be possible if they have iphone spy apps on the kid’s iphone.

What Should You Do? How to Stop Cyber Bullying?

There are some certain ways to prevent cyber bullying:

  • What is a cyber bullying
  • Tell them that do not respond to the threatened messages
  • They must inform their parents or teachers about suspicious content they received.
  • They must keep a record for an evidence to uncover the suspect in the future.
  • They must have some guidelines to handle the suspect.
  • They must set a limit of receiving messages.
  • Don’t allow the kids to use cell phones during study and school.
  • Don’t allow them to use the phone while driving.
  • Stop the late night usages of phones.

With Parental Control App you can;

  • view pictures, videos and recording
  • View all email log and text messages
  • View log of twitter, facebook,whatsapp and youtube
  • View all contacts and call logs
  • Easily track location via GPS and many more!

Stealthgenie at Its Best to Help You – Best App to Stop Cyber bullying

To avoid all these threats parents must have a sneak eye on the cell phones of their kids to observe any suspicious happenings, stealthgenie is the only way to provide parental control apps to assure them their kids are safe from the threatened and black male massages or cyber bullies. There isn’t any the right way except you have the spy apps of stealthgenie on the kid’s phone, they can make a sneaky way to have a secure peek to them, what they are doing actually whole day, what kind of daily activities they are indulging in, what kinds of people they are meeting with or massaging. Stealth genie is providing tools for parents especially to keep an eye on them which makes the parents more comfortable in case of their kids’ lives.