iPhone 5S and 5C Spy Software AppGreat news for all the iphone 5S and 5C users. Finally they can jailbreak iOS 7. Users of iPhone 5S and 5C can install iphone spy apps offered by Stealthgenie. Either you want to monitor your kids and spouse or you want to track all the activities of your employees on iphone, simply jailbreak it and install iphone spy software which enables you to track, locate and monitor via online control panel.


Is it for my iPhone?


It’s time to eliminate all your worries as stealthgenie is now completely compatible with iOS 7. At present the iphone spy app is completely functional with iphone 5S and iPhone 5C, it works awesome in the iOS 7 fluid interface and works greatly with all versions of jail broken iOS 7 So what you need to do is simply jailbreak your targeted iphone whether its iphone 5S or iPhone C, install the spy app and start tracking and monitoring on all the activities.


How it will work?


It’s too simple, just need to install the iphone spy app on your targeted iPhone 5S or 5C and get details of all the activities via online control panel.


Prevailing Features:


With iPhone spy software you can;

Access Text, Skype, viber, facebook Messages:  Read messages whether they are on Skype, facebook, iMessages or on viber secretly. The Spy App is so powerful that you can even get deleted conversation which would be present on your online account.

Call Tracking:  You can not only record calls on your PC but also can listen LIVE. It enables you to view logs of calls. You can even find out contact names, duration of time and date etc. Interesting thing is this, that even logs were deleted at target phone you can still access them.

Powerful tracking with GPS: With the help of this feature you would be able to track and monitor the current location of targeted iPhone. You can also get location history.

Get Alerts: You will get alerts via email or text messages or both. Get notification and alerts whenever your targeted phone enters in such an area which you have labeled as restricted.

Track History of browsing:  You can track all the browsing history and can also block such content which you consider inappropriate on your targeted iPhone. You can also restrict them from specific apps.

Monitor Multimedia logs: You can monitor all those videos which were watched along with all the photos which were taken from targeted iPhone.

Supervise YouTube Videos: With iPhone Spy App, now you can even keep an eye on all the YouTube videos on targeted iPhone.

Access to Emails: Read Gmail emails along with sender address, date and time.

Notification of SIM Change: Whenever your targeted phone change SIM, you will get notification on the spot.

Online Control Panel: You can access online control panel; remotely and can lock the screen of iPhone.

Completely secure: iPhone Spy Software works completely secret mode and shows no icon on targeted iPhone and remains totally undetectable and secure.


What benefit I will get after using it?


Well you can keep an eye on your kids, employees and loved ones without letting them know. Once you have iPhone Spy Software you don’t need to worry about all of their activities. You don’t need to take any sort of tension or depression even when your spouse or kids are away from you. Similarly keep your business and employees in your complete control and get notify every single activity which is being done behind your back.

So what you waiting for now? It’s time to remove all your worries and;

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Best iPhone Tracking App

iPhone Tracking AppWith the emerging demand of spy applications, it clearly shows that people want to make their lives easy by keeping track and monitoring the traces of people present in vicinity. Moreover, with the revolution of cyberspace and technology, keeping track of others activities is now happening on a go. If you have similar requirements, then a tracking app stands essential for you.

If you are an iPhone user, availing the best tracking app is simple. Look into the lives of the targeted people, spy over your partner or keep an eye on your employees; everything will be received on your iPhone through notifications.

With the features of GPS tracking, the iPhone-tracking app aims to notify the user with the exact and current location of the target component through the integrated Google maps. In addition, maps that have been covered so far will also be recorded. The GPS tracking system and the app is completely reliable, accurate and filled with the required information.

IPhone tracking app monitors the following:

Geo Location Tracking:

Though there are many features that can be used for spying as well, but if needed, they can be used for personal use as well. The user can track down their exact location on the map through the online interface. You can trace out the location history as well. In case you or any monitored person enters the prohibited area, the software will send an alert on your iPhone.

Call Log:

The iPhone tracking App allows you to track and record all of your outgoing and incoming calls that you receive from the enlisted target. As soon as you get or do any call to the specific number, you will get an instant alert. This is helpful when you are keeping an ear on your spouse or child.

SMS Log:

If needed, all the received and sent SMS from your iPhone will be viewed and saved. Additionally, automatic alerts will also be saved.

Internet Browsing History:

The iPhone tracking app allows you to view and save your entire web-browsing history with date stamps and time. Moreover, you can use the bookmarked pages on your monitored device. Therefore, in case you think you might lose your precious data, the tracking app acts as the perfect backup.

Alerts about Everything:

The tracking software allows you to track done all the activities of the aimed persons with instant notifications. Once you add a number or word that needs to be monitored, on their every activity a notifications on your iPhone will be received. In this case, monitor employees,kids or spouse; you will receive feeds about their every activity.

- Keeping track of your Child:

If doubt on your child and wish to keep an eye on him or her, then choosing an iPhone tracking app is the best you can do. Gift your child a new phone that already has a monitoring app and track their routes and routines easily, without questioning them.

- Catch a cheating spouse:

Doubt that your wife or husband is bailing on you? The right way to catch them red-hand is by tracking them down through your iPhone spying app. Add their number on the red-list and install a GPS on their phone. You will be notified by every move they make.

- Monitor your Employees:

As a businessperson, catching up with every employee gets difficult with the passage of time. To make things easy and on a go, using an iPhone monitoring app will do the trick.A broken heart and mind occupies a lot of time to heal, but through an iPhone spy software, all of your doubts will be cleared before any situation goes out of hand. Whether you have to spy on someone or look after yourself, an iPhone tracking app is the best option for you. Weed out doubts and create backup for yourself, do everything through one software only.

Sign Up for iPhone Tracking App:


Buy 3-Month License @$59.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$79.99 USD

Buy 12-Month License@$99.99 USD


Buy 3-Month License @$89.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$129.99 USD

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Viber Spy Software – Spy all viber conversations

Viber Spy AppOver 200 million active users, viber is now being used worldwide as best mode of communication. Kids, employees and businessmen are using it for making phone calls and text messages. New technologies are changing the world of communication rapidly and enabling people to send, receive messages and calls instantly.

With such rapid mode of communications, do you ever feel yourself considering behind as your teens are using these latest mode of applications. As an employer, you often feel uncomfortable with the employees as they keep talking long and keep themselves busy in text messages. What if you are able to read all the messages and keep an eye on all the conversation they had with each other. StealthGenie is now offering most powerful viber spy application which enables you to gets all the alerts. Once you install the viber spy app, simply login to your online account from your computer and get access to all the phone calls.

Why You Need Viber Spy App
Once you install viber spy software, you can get;
- Access to the entire conversation take place via viber.
- Get access to viber calls along with time and data stamps.
- You can also find out numbers and even names of people to whom you kids, spouse or employees did chatting.
- All the conversation would be uploaded to online control panel and you can get access to that from anywhere across the world. You just simply need an internet connection.
Why it is useful?
With the increase number of smart phones, the usage of apps also increased to a huge level. So you should make sure that you keep their mobile phones of your kids, spouse and employees in your control. Get the complete information. What they are doing, to whom they talk and what conversation they do with others.

How to Install Viber Spy Software?

Installing viber spy app is not difficult at all. First of all your targeted app need to be rooted. It will unlock the customization power of android smart phones. It will allow spy app to operate without being notified. Here are the steps you need to b followed;

- Take back up of your targeted android phone.
- For enabling USB debugging, go to Settings>Applications>Development
- Now Download “SuperOneClick” from There. (You can also download it from Google).
- Keep your phone fully charge and remove memory card.
- Now simply connect your phone to PC and via USB cable and launch the “SuperOneClick”
- Click on Big Button named ‘ROOT’
- Wait for few mints as you are done now.
- If your root was successful, check to see that now you have an application named ‘SuperSu’.

Follow above mentioned points and you have successfully Install spy App.

Buy Viber Spy Software


Buy 3-Month License @$59.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$79.99 USD

Buy 12-Month License@$99.99 USD


Buy 3-Month License @$89.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$129.99 USD

Buy 12-Month License @$159.99 USD

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How to Spy on Facebook Chat with Spy Software

Facebook chat spy app


Facebook chat spy app enables you to see all the Facebook conversation chats and you can monitor your cheating spouse. Using Facebook monitoring program it is possible to:

  • See all Facebook chitchat interactions.
  • Get the titles and variety of individuals they’ve been communicating with.
  • Find starting time and date postage stamps to grasp while each conversation came about.
  • Gain access to any pictures, movies or audio recordings routed through Facebook conversation and stored to the specific phone.

Just about all Facebook chitchat interactions are submitted to your online App’s user interface which you’ll connect to from anywhere by having an internet network.


  • Spy Your Spouse

The situation exactly where the fascination kills the kitty can be averted by gratifying the kitty rather. You can start by having faith in your instinctive beliefs more, if you are 100% certain that your partner or girlfriend is dishonest with you, and subsequently you can start surveillance on them by having an application to capture bad girlfriend on facebook.


  • Use Facebook Spy App

If you understand without an eradication of a question the solution to all of these concerns is ‘yes’, in that case you want to get a support of the Facebook spy app iPhone to keep track of spouses fb messages which will allow you to know as soon as and for all if your accusations are right.

The bafflement can be extremely irritating. Whether or not it is the shame for even striking to believe that your partner may be dishonest with you, or whether or not it is the sensation of defenselessness as soon as choosing to confront your partner without evidence to verify your clue.

  • Ask Your Partner

Does it aggravate you while your partner invests more time on Fb as compared with he/she really does with you? Would it nip you once she or he wants to communicate with somebody on Fb rather of you, and once you discuss with your partner who actually it is that they are communicating with, they tell you, ‘Oh, it is nobody you know’? This is exactly where the Facebook spy app for your partner comes in.


  • Date And Time Of Chat

Initially and primarily, the Facebook chat spy app will permit you to keep track of a Facebook chat tracking via her telephone as well as see all of your spouse’s conversation discussions with anybody he or she has at any time been vocal to. Eventually, you will be in a position to begin to see the names and figures of the folks he or she talks with just as he or she can.


The beginning and ending dates of information will be noticeable to you and you will certainly know when every discussion took place. You will certainly be in a position to open up and see any information or photos your partner has dispatched to anybody by way of Fb. Most significantly, everything your partner will be performing will continuously be up to date to your online manage panel which is obtainable from any area available online link is set up.

Sign Up for Facebook Chat Spy App:


Buy 3-Month License @$59.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$79.99 USD

Buy 12-Month License@$99.99 USD


Buy 3-Month License @$89.99 USD

Buy 6-Month License @$129.99 USD

Buy 12-Month License @$159.99 USD

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How to Stop Cyber bullying via iPhone Spy Software

how to stop cyber bullyingIt will be an astonishing thing that the cyber bullying busted up during the last few years. It is being expected that the number of affected cyber bulling risen up from 10 to 90 percent in the last year. This is an awful dilemma that more than 50 percent girls are used to hanging themselves and threatened by someone, having their abusive and naked pics from which they are supposed to black male with, they are threatened by the pics and SMS sent to their phones from the unknown persons.


This Is a Serious Dilemma, the Parents Must Think About

Continuously being abused for just 24 hours can be harmful for your children and their future as well. Like the typical bullying can sneak your kids all through the way where ever they go to events, parties or friend’s home, they are threatened with harsh words which can force them to commit a suicide. That is the main reason why teen suicides are getting increased day by day and this practice cannot be overwhelmed at all for them.


How Can You Spot Cyber Bullying

Around 80 percent kids have a mobile phone just for sake to keep in touch with their parents, in order to inform them about their wellness and their places and activities with their friends, the experts advice parents that they have to take some precautionary measures to stop the cyber bullying attacks. It is quite difficult to have a check on kids but can easily be possible if they have iphone spy apps on the kid’s iphone.


What Should You Do? How to Stop Cyber Bullying?


There are some certain ways to prevent cyber bullying:


    • What is a cyber bullying
    • Tell them that do not respond to the threatened messages
    • They must inform their parents or teachers about suspicious content they received.
    • They must keep a record for an evidence to uncover the suspect in the future.
    • They must have some guidelines to handle the suspect.
    • They must set a limit of receiving messages.
    • Don’t allow the kids to use cell phones during study and school.
    • Don’t allow them to use the phone while driving.
    • Stop the late night usages of phones.


With Parental Control App you can;

  • view pictures, videos and recording
  • View all email log and text messages
  • View log of twitter, facebook,whatsapp and youtube
  • View all contacts and call logs
  • Easily track location via GPS and many more!

Stealthgenie at Its Best to Help You – Best App to Stop Cyber bullying


To avoid all these threats parents must have a sneak eye on the cell phones of their kids to observe any suspicious happenings, stealthgenie is the only way to provide parental control apps to assure them their kids are safe from the threatened and black male massages or cyber bullies. There isn’t any the right way except you have the spy apps of stealthgenie on the kid’s phone, they can make a sneaky way to have a secure peek to them, what they are doing actually whole day, what kind of daily activities they are indulging in, what kinds of people they are meeting with or massaging. Stealth genie is providing tools for parents especially to keep an eye on them which makes the parents more comfortable in case of their kids’ lives.

Buy StealthGenie Parental Control App to avoid from Cyber Bullying

(Price Range: $59.99 USD – $159.99 USD)

Skype Spy Software – Best Way to Catch Your Suspects

skype monitering softwareThe perfect Skype spy software which privately records all Skype inbound and outbound text message conversations and online video chats is likely to uncover all your spouse’s mysteries. Yours Skype Spy Monitor isn’t a basic keystroke logger. It becomes a wise Skype recording unit that records the precise conversation messages, Skype spy software which includes Skype user names & email messages, timestamps of the conversations, and completes prompt communication.

“The software retrieves their conversations even Skype’s Profile database is turned off “

Skype Spy Monitor works in an extensive hidden mode in order that users will not find out its presence. You can examine all saved information by just getting e-mails or opening a website page. It is excellent for finding and catching cheaters, employees, kids or spouse, as well as uncovering criminal offenses.

Good for Managers, Moms and Dads

It is possible to reveal all Skype emails in a roundabout way, move these types of messages to Html page records in a directory for later evaluation. Everything will likely be noted without being noticed. The Skype monitoring software program is particularly ideal for managers or moms and dads, who require being aware what their workers or children are caring and dealing with other people. You’ll be able to get and have a 30-day trial before to make sure it is effective to suit your needs. The demo edition enables you to keep track of 5 computer systems.

Now what’s the actual Skype hoopla?

Skype is actually a phone call and online video phoning and instant texting support which belongs to the Microsoft Company. The system functions on nearly every processing unit, whether it’s a conventional computer or even the fame growing Tablets or Mobile phones for that matter. Skype allows people transmit and collect documents, messages, come up with vocalize video calling and almost all of doing this at no cost. With Skype spy app you can also perform spy on whatsapp, iMessage, viber monitoring and Gtalk chats.

How you can Monitor Skype?

Luckily, you don’t need to have actual accessibility to aim for phone constantly, due to Stealth Genie. When you finally set-up Stealth Genie in your targeted call you can easily keep track of every little thing slightly without allowing your target be aware of it. It’s an easy task to set up and a person with simple understanding of processing and iphones are able to do it. It is possible to monitor Skype adhering to these types of simple steps:

  • Go to a preferred Stealth Genie registration
  • Do the installation in your specific mobile phone
  • Power up your application simply by entering the service key given in the course of the acquisition
  • Log-in to Stealth Genie’s on-line user interface through any online permitted gadget
  • Gain access to pretty much all Skype chats, calling log as well as stored contacts

In case you abide by these steps, you can certainly monitor your target’s Skype conversation logs, phone call records and saved connections. We also have Video Training for that course of action, of course, if you’ll still find yourself in trouble at any place then get in touch with Stealth Genie’s 24/7 live assistance.

Buy Skype Monitoring Software on Targeted phone

Available both for iPhone and Android